General rules of order and well-being at Bälingebadet

Anyone who makes an impact on premises, buildings or other visitors’ properties can be done

Bicycles must not be carried or used indoors.

Animals are not allowed indoors and / or at Bälingebadet (except guide dog).

All asked visitors (+6 years) pay an entrance fee.

Admission tickets and cards and All year and period cards are
personal, upon request identification must be presented.

Total photo and movie bans in all dressing rooms. In the bath you get footage and film yourself and yours

We are not responsible for any lost or lost items, use the safes in the bath for
your valuables.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol with alcohol or smoking in the entire area. Alcohol is sold at
the bath after 6 pm when it is an adult bath.

Pizza and barbecue prohibited.

The staff’s oral instructions should always be followed.

In the bathroom
Children and adolescents without the company of an adult must have reached the age of 12, be able to swim 200 m and be able to read and
understand safety instructions and signs.

If it is not fulfilled, the child should bring a swimming expert
an adult who is at least 18 years old, and responsible throughout the bathing visit.

The accompanying adult should be
changed and ready to jump in if needed.

You visit the bath under your own responsibility.

Shower and wash with soap – without swimwear – before bathing in the pool or sauna.

Everyone must wear swimwear designed for bathing, underwear in the pools is prohibited.

All safety rules inside the bathing area must always be followed.

If the above points are not followed and / or other malpractice occurs as an example interfering with
in general order, the company’s employees (or guard) have the right to evict the visitor
immediate effect.

Disposal can lead to continued shutdown and forfeited visitor card.

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