common questions

# How hot is it in the water?

Summer bath: between 24-26 degrees

# Is the single ticket valid all day?

Entrance ticket daytime (applies to all ages) you can stay in the bath between 10: 00-18: 00 during
season. You can then go in and out indefinitely between these times.

# Can you rent the training pool?

Yes you can. See booking on our website Link. for more detailed information. You
can also make phone calls; 018-35 53 29 or talk to us directly at checkout

# Do you save forgotten things?

Yes we do. We keep all things that are forgotten until the last day of the season. Then it is bestowed
that is forgotten.

# Can you buy swimwear from you?

It is possible to buy swimming marks at checkout. Do you want to do a swim test and want help with this?
we have trained swimming teachers for staff who can help you with this.

# Do you have to pay entrance even though you are not going to bathe?

Yes, everyone who enters pays entry regardless.

# I should just come in and watch my children, but not swim. I have to pay

Yes. All parties that supervise children staying in the bath must pay entry and be in the water.

# When can you bathe yourself?

Children and adolescents without the company of adult companions must have reached the age of 12, be able to swim and be able to
comply with applicable safety instructions. Alternatively, an accompanying swimming adult should,
be at least 18 years of age, be responsible for the entire stay. The enclosed must be replaced and
ready to intervene if necessary.

# Can you rent or buy swimwear with you?

Yes, you can buy swimwear, but do not rent at the checkout.

# Must young children wear bath diapers?

Yes, bathing diapers or swimwear are for children who otherwise have diapers. These can be purchased at checkout.

# Do you have a safe?

Yes we have.

# Do you need to bring a padlock?

We recommend that you bring a padlock if you want to lock your things in a safe. It goes
also to buy on site.

# Can you bring the stroller into the bath?


# I have lost my season ticket. What am I doing now?

We make a new card for an administrative fee of SEK 100.

# Do you have a student and pension discount?

Yes. See detailed information about entry and prices on our website. Link.

# Can you drink alcohol at the Bälinge bath during the day?

No. Not during the daytime. However, during adult baths after 18:00 until 21:00, alcohol is sold this spring

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